Look Up

Look Up November 20, 2013

We who are Christians do read Isaiah, listen to psalms and the prophets who command and foretold the appearance of the holy way of life and truth, and we would make earnest with it, becoming single-minded before the LORD who holds everything and everybody in God’s eternal hand. To do less is to be a christian mirage; the world at large will still buy compromised righteousness. But to do less, to think and act as if this world is some kind of cursory picnic (‘You can’t be mature all the time!’) rather than God’s Almighty’s drama, comedy! is to stir up the LORD God’s anger and have blood-guilt on our lily-white hands.

Isaiah’s comfort to those with hidden sorrows on the royal holy road – caused by incompetence, an evil history, special sin or plain cast of the die — is this: God is setting straight the LORD’s fatherly and motherly blessings for you, child. Wait, look up, swallow hopefully till what God is silently preparing for you brings a merriment and freedom, deep gladness you could not have known otherwise.



Father in heaven,

bind up all kind of wounds today, the ones that show and the ones that stay hidden; help each of us to hallelu with those who sing praises to God and to be silent with those who work and wait. We believe You can do all things, Lord. We pray, do not let us grouping of Christians ever become a mirage! Make us truly an oasis where living water flows, where it becomes convincing to one here and to one there for life that everything is in your hand — Amen.

Excerpt from Take Hold of God and Pull by Calvin Seerveld. (pg 151, 152) Passage referencing Isaiah 34:1-4, 35:1-10, 34:16-17.

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