Live Advent Hope

Live Advent Hope November 22, 2013

Faith, love and hope, and the most human of these is hope: a girl hopes to be loved and to share a full life; a fellow hopes to find himself usefully employed in the world; a teacher has more hopes for their students than you can imagine; a suffering, displaced or disabled person hopes for the night of darkness to end in a new day — Hope that is hope in God shall without a doubt be fruitful, says the Scriptures. That is when the prophesied fun begins, because when one truly has the hope of being saved from his or her fears, disappointments, loneliness, uselessness, shame; when the quiet pregnant hope of receiving God’s favour (because of your covenanted blood or your adoption as a child) is yours, then the spark of joy and relief from such hope gradually set your life on fire! An exulting hope in the coming government of Jesus Christ which spells peace for the world — and a live hope of your being useful in that cosmic operation, not on horseback, but zealously with God’s Holy Spirit driving you — that is what Zechariah’s Advent prophesy (Zechariah 9:9-17) holds out to you right now.

-Excerpt from Take Hold of God and Pull by Calvin Seerveld (page 166)

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