New Adventure

New Adventure September 2, 2014

On Monday we started educating our girls at home. We hired a wonderful gal to tutor them and are so thankful for her! Miss Laura is doing a fantastic job and the girls are really enjoying school. This arrangement leaves me ample time to work with my 2 and 3 year old boys during this exciting and busy stage. But then this happened yesterday:

my poor foot

Have you ever heard the saying about ballerinas being incredibly clumsy off stage? Well, it is true. I haven’t danced classical ballet in over a decade but the klutz in me thrives on! The x-ray (and pain) indicated a hairline fracture.  I’m seeing it as a prime opportunity to work on being peaceful and joyful in the midst of chaos and pain.

In the mean time, I found this post, The Gospel, Boxed Mac & Cheese and Me, by Mandy J Hoffman very encouraging! Check it out!

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