Modesty of the Heart

Modesty of the Heart September 4, 2014

Here’s a scenario:  You and Jesus have the surfboards strapped to the top of the VW, headed to the swell.  What would you be comfortable wearing in front of Jesus?

Frankly, I think Jesus would be more concerned about the condition of your heart than the size of your swim suit.

If the condition of your heart is one that has gratefully accepted the mercy and grace and love of Christ, you will probably carefully consider your swimwear purchases.  If you are exuding that love, you will not turn a scornful glance onto the unknowing bikini-clad 16 year old.  Strike up a conversation and love that bikini-wearer like Jesus!  Who knows what kind of home life she has.

Love this post from Pearl’s Oysterbed, The Heart of the Bikini Clad

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  • humbled.

    • I was so blessed to hear your kindness in this post. I was once one of those girls wearing an itsy bitsy bikini — and was reproofed, often, by older women who meant well, but seemed to miss the real problem. I wasn’t trying to “stumble (their) sons”, and I wasn’t intentionally trying to get attention — I felt invisible and unlovely, I honestly didn’t think anyone would notice or care.

      I don’t wear tiny bikinis anymore, but I have seen wonderful women with modest hearts wear not-so-tiny bikinis/two-pieces. I’ve come to realize that context is everything when it comes to modesty (there are times when we are naked and completely modest, like in bed, for instance).

      There is so much more to this discussion then one post can address, but it is definitely worth considering, and I certainly appreciate your thought provoking insights.