God Provides

God Provides November 19, 2014

I know this is kinda off topic, but it is such a wonderful example of God’s goodness. My husband and I have 4 meat-loving children. About 5 1/2 years ago, when our second daughter was a baby, we had transitioned into a mostly vegetarian diet (for cholesterol and financial reasons), but after Mira began to speak, she made it clear that meat was her favorite food and that our decision to rarely partake was lowering her quality of life considerably. Since then, we do our best to bless our children with fish, chicken, pork and beef on a regular basis. Of course, being a family of 6, this adds up financially pretty fast. Last weekend my husband went out hunting and shot his very first deer. It was a beautiful, large, white tailed buck. We are praising God for blessing us with this animal to fill our freezer and our bellies this winter. God both cares and provides for His people — even when what we desire is not necessary.


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