Peace in Imperfection

Peace in Imperfection January 9, 2015

We don’t really see those moments of weakness from Paul’s life.  I’m projecting them for sure.  I like to know that even the strongest among us – those who exude confidence and righteousness and positivity and all those good things that we are all to aspire to display – are also human, just like me.  I like to think that if Paul, the greatest missionary that ever lived, had struggled with life knowing all that he faced and still found a way to trust God’s truths and be content with them within the context of his life, then I can find a way to do the same.

I like a little personal connection with my saints.

Fortunately, the one who Paul tapped for inner peace and contentment is the same one who is there for me.  God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit – there are actually three.  Three beings who are present to draw strength from, to lean on, and to model my life after.  The same Good News that Paul preached and taught the churches to have faith in and rely upon is there for me.  For all of us.  Our job is to acknowledge it, believe it, and trust it.  When we give our worries and negativity over to God, we will experience that peace.

-Excerpt by from Let’s Try Something New This Year

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