The Problem With Anger

The Problem With Anger June 7, 2015

When someone gives way to ungodly anger, the sin is destructive and bad. But when it is rationalized, when it is not repented, when the angry person does not humble himself before those he has wounded, sincerely seeking their forgiveness in true humility, the problem is overweening arrogance and pride. The episode of anger is like putting stain on a piece of wood — but refusal to repent in humility is like putting a defiant sealant on it. The pride is the thing that is truly diabolical.
-Douglas Wilson in An Open Letter to an Angry Husband

I sincerely appreciated the whole post this excerpt is from. It is written to husbands, but it is equally applicable to women as wives, mothers, daughters and friends. Anger isn’t something that surfaces spontaneously. Anger grows. We need to be vigilant in fighting sinful anger and pride in our lives.


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