September 28, 2013

“Meh” is used to show one’s indifference, boredom, and most commonly, a state of being utterly unimpressed with something. The reason it rankles is because it implies a relationship to the world in which the writer is a passive consumer, and everything else exists to entertain and interest him. Basically, he expects everything he consumes online to align with his own personal standards, interests, and tastes. If these inflated expectations are not met, he is disappointed. “I, the emperor of… Read more

September 25, 2013

“Everything is lawful for me” — but not everything is helpful! “Everything is lawful for me” — but I’m not going to let anything give me orders!…Don’t you know that your bodies are members of the Messiah? Shall I then take the members of the Messiah and make them members of a prostitute? Of course not!” -1 Corinthians 6:9 & 15 Read more

September 23, 2013

Thinking about Romans 14:12-15: The common application is for those who have adopted restricted diets (particular meats or no meats at all, reduced/rejected sugar consumption, processed foods, paleo, etc). While this passage certainly does apply to that group, what if we flipped the demographic on its head? What would that look like? What if we applied this principle to those who parade their Christian liberty to consume highly processed foods? To those who sing the praises of shopping at mega… Read more

September 23, 2013

“Through the grace which was given to me, I have this to say to each one of you: don’t think of yourselves more highly than you ought to think. Rather, think soberly, in line with faith, the true standard which God has marked out for each of you. As in one body we have many limbs and organs, you see, and all the parts have different functions, so we, many as we are, are one body in the Messiah, and… Read more

September 22, 2013

It’s all the things already behind a woman that bring her beauty to the front. -Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience  Read more

September 20, 2013

A friend asked for my thoughts on the post Who Knew Horses Were Theologians, so here they are: I had to read through her post several times. I have a fair amount of experience with horses, but the metaphor doesn’t work here and only serves as a confusing distraction from the point. When you are writing to an unlimited audience, it shouldn’t require an unusual familiarity with the subject matter to understand what is being said. I have to ask myself why… Read more

September 18, 2013

Before anyone gets all excited, I need to tell you that my reflections aren’t directed at anyone in particular unless it is myself (which is a real possibility). In case you hadn’t noticed yet, I pretty much agree with the ladies over at Femina. I appreciate their thoughts and insights and the fact that my thought train comes from a different direction does not mean we don’t all arrive at the same station.    We need to make sure in… Read more

September 18, 2013

Conviction without experience makes for harshness. -Flannery O’Connor Read more

September 18, 2013

Even in correcting serious sin, he never seeks to tear others down. Instead, his desire is to build up—to exhort his brothers and sisters in Christ to flee from their sins.” Except from Treating Fellow Christians Like Enemies Read more

September 16, 2013

I’ve been following Jolene’s blog, The Alabaster Jar,  for some time now. She has blessed me often with her talent for blending unabashed truth with grace and kindness. Her primary audience is Christian (usually married) women. Just as each of us have been given different gifts from the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:1-11), Jolene’s gift is reaching out to women with the explicit purpose of helping them with (mostly) relational trials by encouraging them toward God and closer to their husband. When… Read more

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