Worship, breastfeeding, and shifting that paradigm

Worship, breastfeeding, and shifting that paradigm July 11, 2010

Dear friends,

I’m writing from a cozy cabin in the mountains of Colorado. I’ve spent the past three days with my parents, brothers, sisters in law, August, and all his super cool cousins. It’s been a good, exhausting trip and I’m sorry to say that I have very little insight to give you on this late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Though I will say that “Cousin Camp” in the mountains is the ultimate in the kind of “slow” childhood I hope for my son.

So, tonight, in my Cousin Camp weariness, I came across a post at SortaCrunchy that I hope will become a common discussion among women (and men) in the Church. What does it mean to have a biblical view of breastfeeding? And to quote Megan at SortaCrunchy: Do we “agree with our culture’s corrupted view of breasts and breastfeeding” in a way that “[denies] God’s beautiful, exquisite design”?

It’s worth the conversation. Read “Paradigm Shift: Breastfeeding as Worship” here, then let me know what you think.



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