Why there is not a new post today:

Why there is not a new post today: June 9, 2011
  • Because my husband has been in Austin for three days and he just got home 20 minutes ago. (Its 10:19 pm, fyi.)
  • Because my kid informed me and my friends tonight at dinner that he has a girlfriend. And her name is Choochie. And she likes to play “run into the couch and get ouchies” with him at school.
  • Because I was going to post a book review but my husband says I still need to “work on it.” Come on!
  • Because I had three sweet friends over tonight and we ate cookie dough and took turns rocking my baby.
  • Because I’ve had friends over every night Chris has been gone helping me feed and put my kids to bed.
  • Because I’m going on my last hike/picnic in Golden Gate Park tomorrow and I’m kind of sad.
  • Because my husband just brought me back an Austin 2011 Newcomers Guide that says, “Welcome Y’all!” and I’m kind of happy.
  • Because I have so much to do before we move that I’m going a little insane, especially when I still haven’t returned your email. Sorry.



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