Off to Awesomeland!

Off to Awesomeland! July 1, 2011

There are some weeks (like this one) where I don’t post much because I’m utterly exhausted and I’d rather go to sleep at 10 every night. And I figure you’ll forgive me. Then there are some weeks when posting should be against Mama:Monk’s rules. Next week will be one of those weeks.

You see, not only did we just move and I’m recovering from a two-week tearfest, but my little family is going on a real-live vacation with two other families we love! To a place we love (Maine)! And my husband is actually not going to be working! And I’m reading an F. Scott Fitzgerald book with one of my favorite reading friends! And my kid is going to be playing with other kids! In grass! While I sit sipping lemonade on a porch! Plus, I’m going to eat a lot of lobster!

All that to say, I will miss you all but I’m going to take a bloggy-rest next week. I’ll see you back here refreshed and full of words on Monday the 11th. Until then, I’ll be reposting some Mama:Monk “classics” next week.

Don’t forget to be grateful on Tuesday. Happy 4th of July.



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