All the gifts…I’m thankful

All the gifts…I’m thankful August 16, 2011
  • For Brooksie’s sweet excitement after bath time when I’m going to give him a lotion-y baby massage. (We’re talking arms swinging-giggles here.)
  • That my baby is 5-months-old today! How did this happen?
  • For birds on branches outside this impermanent apartment.
  • For the house we found last week that we’ll move into in a month. For future cool mornings on the deck with my coffee.
  • For August’s strong will and his current love for Green Eggs and Ham. (Two days ago during breakfast, he quoted the book: “Say! I do like Cheerios! Say!”)
  • For August and Chris’ six pm swim at the apartment pool every night before dinner.
  • For new routines in a new place.
  • For my friend Cat, who is coming to visit (and help me take care of my tribe) this weekend while Chris is out of town.
  • For Austin food trucks. This snob is impressed.
  • For the sweetness of our non-social life right now. It’s so wonderful to just be with our kids without any other commitments.
  • For the long-ago-canceled TV show Dollhouse I just discovered on Netflix. So obsessed right now…
  • For the 10 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bars I brought with me to Austin. They’ve come in very handy.
  • For shorter nights and the promise of cooler days, first days of school, football games and hot chocolate. Have I mentioned before that I love seasons?
  • For Lance’s recovery. His eyes are open. His lungs are healing. His community is providing a way to get him transported home. For sweet answers to prayer and reminders that God gives good gifts. (Thank you for praying.
  • For friendship spread across this wide country. I’m blessed that I got to love people on both coasts and in the middle.

Happy Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for?

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