Good Thankful

Good Thankful March 20, 2012
  • For a sweet birthday celebration. Look at that guy in his hat! For a backyard and dear friends and good food and all these kids running around who somehow belong to us. How did that happen?
  • For how turning one automatically makes a baby into a little man. All the sudden Brooksie is such a grown up. Yesterday he insisted on walking all the way into August’s school. No being carried for him. So, I held his hand and we walked like snails across the lawn and into the door and down the hall.
  • For August’s love for science and the ten minutes he spent with his dad looking a silkworm through a microscope yesterday evening.
  • For the picture of a volcano my brother took for August while he was in Nicaragua and texted to me yesterday. (So thankful that my brothers love my kids as much as I love theirs.)
  • For thunder storms and a late night dinner date with an old friend.
  • For the goodness of a full day, the goodness of well-deserved exhaustion.
  • For August’s first ever soccer match on Sunday, which he spent running the opposite direction of the ball and “sliming” pretend dragons on the other side of field.
  • For pulling weeds by the root in the garden while my kids play around me. For sunshine and gardening gloves (even though I know nothing about gardening). Weeding is so satisfying! (It’s satisfying for the same reason I like to tweeze my eyebrows. Don’t tell anyone I said that.)
  • I had a moment last night when I realized how much more at peace I am with how God loves me than I was a year and a half ago. It’s making all the difference in how I live and how free I feel from striving. I used to secretly believe that time wanted to hurt me. Now I am learning how to find joy and satisfaction in the daily.
  • For wonderful news: The lab results are back and my mom is cancer free. All the cancer was contained and was removed in her surgery! So grateful!
  • And for more exciting blog-type news which will be shared in its own post on Thursday. Lots of thankful going on around here…

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