Thankful Tuesday: The Angry Stomach Virus Edition

Thankful Tuesday: The Angry Stomach Virus Edition May 22, 2012

What a week! It included: The Stomach Bug Incident of 2012, which took over my life (as both patient and nurse) from Wednesday to Saturday. And since Ezra the Cat decided I was too relaxed on Sunday, he decided to throw out his back. (Yes, cats can actually do that.) So, my dear husband spent three hours at the Animal ER with our sad little cat who could barely walk.

However, during those days, I kept being reminded of goodness. And, this, my friends is what I was thankful for:

  • Sick almost-four-year-olds are just as sweet as sick babies: snuggly, in need of their mamas, trusting.
  • The original Toy Story, the greatest movie ever whether you’re sick or not
  • The mother instinct in me that can hold tight to my boy while he throws up and not gag at all. (It’s not so easy when it’s my husband who’s sick.)
  • All those times my mom cleaned up my vomit when I was a kid. I’m paying it forward, Mom.
  • Antibiotics for our little boy who also had double ear infections. So thankful we live now and not a century ago.
  • The forced rest of illness
  • The chance to take care of my husband who is never sick and who was definitely a sad little thing for a while there. There is something holy and good for the soul about serving without expectation of anything in return. (Too often I serve Chris and make a mental note of who owes whom. To just bring him Gatorade popsicles and wet wash cloths—it was good.)
  • Yes, I did say Homemade Gatorade Popsicles! The most genius idea I’ve ever had. They saved our sick little tummies.
  • For the miracle of Brooksie NOT GETTING SICK AT ALL! (Have I ever been more thankful for the antibodies in breastmilk?)


Our week wasn’t all sickness.

  • I’m thankful for my writer’s group. We haven’t met in two months and last Monday night was their first chance to celebrate my signing on with the lovely Rachelle Gardner as my agent. My friend Andrea brought champagne and Thomas the Train paper cups. (The irony was not lost on me.) So grateful for their support. Here’s the picture Tamara took.

  • I’m thankful for the way Chris loves our cat. I know it’s kind of silly, but that man sat with that cat for three hours at the ER and never once complained about time lost. Ezra was my cat for a year before Chris and I were married. But you wouldn’t know it. Those two have always belonged to each other.
  • For a little boy who didn’t have enough of an appetite to eat one, but still wanted to make his buddy Cameron some cookies for his birthday.
  • For family walks and a baby who has seriously figured out how to ride a scooter (not kidding) and long hours of reading Narnia books aloud on the couch.


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