Thankful Tuesday: Joy in the Drudgery

Thankful Tuesday: Joy in the Drudgery February 26, 2013

Chris has been out of town for one whole day and already the boys have erupted into dramatic weeping shanigans. (Both lasting longer than 20 minutes.) I’m spent.

Also, I’m thankful:

  • For Brooksie’s intense love for his dad, even if yesterday his response to my comforting words, “Mama loves you,” were “No! Daddy!” (Last week the whole Daddy Phase was cute but now I’m kind of over it. Even so! I’m grateful he loves his dad.)
  • I’m thankful for afternoons to watch August play at the park with his friends from school. I can’t believe what a big kid he is becoming and I love seeing how he’s learning relationships.
  • For Liz’s amazing Oscars party. Dishes named for the movies: Crabby snacks and homemades, anyone? (Also, Moonpie Kingdom!) That Jennifer Lawrence won. (I love that girl.) For the chance to go out in a dress-up-dress and heels and walk down a city sidewalk under the stars all by myself, listening to my heels click click click down the pavement.
  • Friends like Cecelia and Steve who want to stay with our kids and send us out on dates. We have it so good.
  • For the blizzard in my hometown yesterday. Even though I was not there to see all 19 inches fall in Amarillo, Texas, I got to experience it over Instagram and it was awesome.
  • I’m thankful our landlord is having the house painted. It will look nice. Even if those painters are scraping and hammering outside my baby’s window all day. I will be grateful…I will be grateful…
  • For rest at the end of a long day. For joy in the drudgery. For a day where I didn’t lose my cool, even when my kids did. (Miracle.)


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