My Very Big Announcement: A Book Deal, Baby!

My Very Big Announcement: A Book Deal, Baby! March 14, 2013

As of yesterday afternoon, when I mailed off some official papers with my scribbly-boy-signature on them, I am contracted to write two (Yes, Two!) books for Worthy Publishing over the next two years. I have the smartest and the loveliest agent in Rachelle Gardner (at Books & Such Literary Agency) who has done more to help me to this point than I will probably ever know. I am deeply grateful for her.

I have run out of words for how I feel about it. I’m thrilled. I’m scared out of my mind. I’m certain someone will soon arrest me for being a complete fraud who can’t write a single word. I’m ecstatic. I’m Anne-Hathaway-dramatic (I keep wanting to hold up my computer and whisper: “It came true!”) I need to take a deep breath.

Tuesday, when I signed my contract, I felt like this.


And this.

 And a little bit like this.

Then we all celebrated like this.

My second book is a thought in a far-off land and if I try to reach for it, I can’t breathe. So let’s not talk about it right now.

My first book is tentatively titled The Mama Monk. It’s the book that I’ve been carrying around inside since I became a mother and I love it like it’s my sweet pretty baby. It’s the book that led me to write this blog.

Inspired by posts from my friends Rachel and Sarah, I’ve decided  to tell you about my book face to face (sort of). This is new for me so please forgive all my awkward moments, ums, and that little lip smack thing I seem to keep doing when I’m thinking deeply.

So grateful to celebrate this with you.

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