Hill Tribers Giveaway Winner, Thankful Tuesday, and a little update from Micha

Hill Tribers Giveaway Winner, Thankful Tuesday, and a little update from Micha April 23, 2013


I loved having Jessica Goudeau’s guest post here last week and was thrilled to introduce you to Hill Country Hill Tribers. I’m excited to say that our winner of that beautiful scarf pictured above is Jennifer Raines. Congratulations Jennifer!


I’ve been missing you guys! And I figured what better day than Thankful Tuesday to fill you on life in my world.

  • My little asthmatic boy has been at it again. I’m thankful for his medication and that we’re starting to learn his lungs and figure out how to prevent the scary stuff. I’m also thankful for how good he is at putting his mask together and sitting happily while steams shoots into his mouth.
  • Despite the spectacular meltdown both my kids had at the park yesterday, I kept my cool. (Miracles!) I’m thankful for my sanity and that my friend Katrin carried my bags to the car for me while I was dragging one dramatic screamer and one brokenhearted little brother. Also, I’m thankful that the one book in the car happened to be “Turtle Has a Tantrum”…oh so appropriate.
  • For August and his love for the ladies. He told us Sunday night that he wanted to give his friend Toni “as many flowers as I love her.” (Which, he assured us, is 190.) Seriously? I am all at once astonished by his poetry and overwhelmed by how often he’s thinking about the girls! We’ve been having talks about “being a good friend to every girl.” I’m not sure if it’s taking.
  • For my friend Catherine‘s new songs, all of which have been moving me to prayer in the sweetest ways. I’m grateful for how gifted she is and that I get to learn from her. Here’s a recent interview with her on Up Close and Acoustic.
  • This process of writing the book has been a lot more emotional than I expected. I’m grateful for the hard work of looking at my motives and my heart and learning to see God’s gentleness and kindness in my life. I’m always re-learning to see God’s kindness.
  • For friends in this city who pray for us and walk us through the parts of city-living that hurt the most. We are honored to live here with these people.

Where I’ve been spending my time (Very Impressive, I know. Especially the litter box.) Btw, I never have daisies on my desk. You totally caught me on a very lucky day: 


I’ve been walking miles and miles, pushing huge strollers up hills for the past four years and only wearing Tom’s shoes. See I’m vain, and I don’t want to wear sneakers with jeans. So there’s that. (Please judge my vanity. Do it.) But, alas, I’ve been whining about my heel being a knot of unhappiness for about two months, forcing my husband to massage it, limping around in my Tom’s and assuring Chris that I cannot get out of bed to comfort the crying child in the night because my foot will hurt too much if I do.

So last week, I succombed to my whininess and finally went to the orthepedist. Its plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as “Old Lady Foot Because You Refused to Wear Good Shoes” disease. I’m off to physical therapy (because I have so much time for that) and I’m committed to finding cute shoes that are good for me. Please, please, friends. Tell me that my days of style did not just vanish into the mass of tissue surrounding my heel. (This is when you leave me a comment with a viable shoe option for my vanity. Thank you.)

Also, here’s a poem for the end of April:

April Chores

by Jane Kenyon

When I take the chilly tools
from the shed’s darkness, I come
out to a world made new
by heat and light.

The snake basks and dozes
on a large flat stone.
It reared and scolded me
for raking too close to its hole.

Like a mad red brain
the involute rhubarb leaf
thinks it way up
through loam.


From Otherwise: New and Selected Poems (Graywolf Press, 1997)

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