Mondays are for gif tributes. (Right? Right.)

Mondays are for gif tributes. (Right? Right.) August 26, 2013

There is so much to tell you people! I’m in the last stages of revising my book before I ship it off to the publisher in two weeks. And tomorrow I have a big announcement I’m super excited to share with you.

My friend Kaili is getting married in less than a month and just bought a house this past week and somehow saw fit to create me a gif tribute for my birthday in the midst of Not Much Going On.

This thing she made in her spare time is so amazing that I couldn’t bear not to share it with you. It will change your life. Right now. Get ready. Are you ready?


By the way, here are some terms you should know for better understanding:

  • Yoobs = The small group bible study I used to lead. Full of amazing ladies I still love very much. Kaili is one of them.
  • Googlers = People who work at Google. We know a lot of them around here
  • Clipper Card = Prepaid card used for public transportation in SF
  • Dadurday = When Chris takes our boys out on Saturday and I write quietly

Without further ado, My Birthday Gif Tribute, From Kaili!!!!!!


Me on a Tuesday morning commute, realizing Thankful Tuesday is bAAAACK:


How I feel about high heels these days:


Being a non-Googler around Googlers when they all start talking shop:


What Micha secretly does when she says she’s going to GG Park to walk with a friend:


Whenever someone writes a nasty retort to or comment on a favorite blogger’s great post:


My work after I’ve had double my daily caffeine allotment:


That horribly stressful second when your Clipper card does the “REJECTED” beep instead of the “PAID” beep and you think you might get in trouble or have to get off the bus:


How I feel when I get to send friends links to relevant MM posts and I get to slip in there that I know you:


Taking advantage of San Francisco’s cheap manicures:


Micha waking up to a silent house on Dadurdays:


Yoobs, when she Micha told us she got book deals:


When my friends in other states and posting glorious summer pictures being out on the water and getting tanned:


Then once I DO go to those other states in the summer and can’t handle the humidity or get burned by a seatbelt and my thigh sticks to the seat:


When you catch ladies checking out your man:


Writing and re-writing a chapter, trying to get it just right:


When all of a sudden little August is a real boy, a student! with a girlfriend!:


When I now leave the super-casual Haight and go out in the northern neighborhoods with girlfriends:


Realizing tonight is a date night with your boo:


Brooksie, when August gets home from school:


When people do cleanses:


Apartment hunting in SF:


That feeling after you wanted a big meal but you opted for a salad instead:


Me, to nearly every Mama Monk post:


Getting asked for my ID when ordering a drink:


Getting out of San Francisco, in really any direction:


Trying to get excited about working out in the cold SF weather:


Arriving just in time for the start of City Church services:


When the sun finally arrives in SF in September:


How I’m going to feel when wedding planning is over:


Having the whole apartment to yourself once in a while and putting on some tunes:


Yoobs, the day Micha’s book comes out:


How I feel about Micha’s birthday!

Happy Monday, friends. Hope it’s full of triangles and high leg kicks.



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