Thankful Tuesday: Hay and Apples

Thankful Tuesday: Hay and Apples October 15, 2013

We had yesterday off from school. So what better way to spend a beautiful October Northern California day than to scoot ourselves out of the urban jungle and downstate to where the fruit grows on trees! (On trees, I promise!)

And pumpkins emerge from soil, not just asphalt parking lots. 

We ate apples straight from the trees…

and jumped from hay bales.


I’m thankful for city life too. For a weekend family walk to the museum and dinner. For our little family’s soccer game in the park (Grownups vs Kids!). For the sweetness of that Suave Watermelon smelling shampoo I rub through the boys’ hair.

I’m thankful for the chance to run two days in a row and the hope that I can do it again tomorrow. And I’m thankful for friends who love my family and look right in my eyes when they say they’re praying for me.

I’m so happy that today marks the release of my friend Addie Zierman’s memoir  When We Were On Fire. I’ll be reviewing it over on Antler’s blog later in the week. Until then, if you really trust me, you should go ahead and order it today. (Really. You trust me, right?)


What about you? What are your thankfuls today?

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