My Chalkboard and all the other things…

My Chalkboard and all the other things… March 10, 2014

I missed posting my chalkboard last Friday because I wanted to make sure you saw my interview with Peter Enns over at his place. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d love for you to check it out.

I’m loving this from Walter Wangerin’s piece in my Lenten/Easter Devotional Bread and WineI love the idea that following Lent all the way through the Cross and into Easter is a rehearsal we participate in each year, a preparation for the Great Feast to come…


This past weekend my book was reviewed in Publishers Weekly, which I’m thrilled about. It’s not a perfect review but–let’s be honest–it’s not a perfect book, just like its author and all her imperfections! Still I’m grateful for the good words written there…

I also heard a rumor that all the folks who have pre-ordered their copies of Found from Amazon are receiving them this week! No, my release date hasn’t changed, it’s just Amazon being all liberated from the rules of publishing. So, if you want an early copy of the book, by all means head over to Amazon, the early-book-releaser!

Also, we’re still going strong over on Instagram, marking our days of Lent with the search for #FoundGrace. I’d love for you to join us there. It’s been such a cool experience to participate in Lent together in this unconventional and lovely way.

We just had a weekend of beautiful spring weather out here in San Francisco. And the kids actually made it to bed on time despite the time-change and my husband being out of town. (And despite the fact that I’ve been called back in their room three times during the writing of this post. It’s the small victories, y’all.) So I’m sitting on my porch in the not-freezing outside springtime air, typing this, wishing you all were here with me so you could listen to the ocean a couple of miles from where I sit. I hope spring is showing up where you are, friends.

See you tomorrow.

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