August 22, 2017

We all struggle with the feeling of being isolated and detached from everything around us on various occasions in our lives. There is the cosmic loneliness of being on a sphere spinning and traveling through space at the blinding speed of six hundred miles per second. There are also the troubling thoughts we have about our insignificance when we compare ourselves to the indescribable vastness of the universe. There is an old adage spoken to friends and loved ones alike… Read more

August 19, 2017

One day my eyes opened, and I saw God everywhere I looked. When I say everywhere, I mean in every intricate detail of my life experience. On that day, I caught a glimpse beyond the physical world of flesh and blood into the glory of God who is the creating and sustaining Source of all that is. I saw with spiritual eyes the One who created everything before and beyond the limitations of time. I captured in a moment the… Read more

August 18, 2017

The silence centers my innermost being on making a home in my heart for the presence of God. It is in the stillness I find I am alive with the awareness of the self-sacrificing love that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have for me. Silence is the sacred space where the Holy Spirit joins our heart in communion with the resurrected Christ and living God. Christ lingers in the silence of our heart and encourages us with an invitation… Read more

August 4, 2017

  The Holy Spirit waits for us to release and let go of the distractions that hinder us from centering our hearts on Christ. Even though we fathom the Kingdom of God is always present, we must make the time to be still so we can contemplate and reflect consciously in our minds on that promise. It demands a spiritual discipline within us and a desire to practice the presence of God by mindfully seeking moment by moment that reality…. Read more

August 1, 2017

Surely God is in this Place, and I didn’t even know it Jacob laments after waking up after a night of intense struggle. In every moment everywhere and in every aspect of life God is closer than we can ever imagine or contemplate. Even in our darkest hours, in our suffering and pain when all seems hopeless, Christ is upholding us in every aspect of life. The exalted Christ and the angels of glory surround and hover over us; in… Read more

July 3, 2017

Twentieth-century theologian Paul Tillich penned an essay titled, “You are Accepted.” Those three life-altering words are in the context of our relationship with God and essential to our spiritual experience and awareness. It is our tendency to banish ourselves from the presence of God because of our sins, failures, and shortcomings. Instead of the freedom Christ offers, we live in bondage to fear and the preoccupation in our minds of falling short of the glory of God and being ultimately… Read more

June 25, 2017

Since the beginning of time mysteriously hidden in our souls is the deep seeded longing for a return to the point which has no beginning or end. It is an inherent clamoring of our heart for permanence and meaning behind the spectacle of a brief, agonizing and fleeting life. The night sky of the moon and stars demonstrate the light of eternity penetrating the darkness. The glistening drops of rain awaken our eyes to the splendor of a never ending… Read more

June 13, 2017

One Tuesday night I stopped at a Waffle House in southern Tennessee, and there were two twenty dollar bills in my wallet. I went inside and ordered a five dollar meal. I decided I would give the waitress a twenty dollar bill and it would leave her a good tip contemplating how fortunate I am in my life. About that time a young man walks through the door after getting off the bus and asks where is the Arby’s because… Read more

June 3, 2017

  Prayer lifts our hearts and souls to sail above our stale and old way of living life with its worries and preoccupation with self-will and gratification. It frees us from the bondage of being consumed with ourselves and opens a pathway to experience peace with God, ourselves and others. It transports us beyond our obsessive need to defend ourselves and lets Christ be our defender. It helps us release and surrender our fight for personal rights and the second… Read more

May 28, 2017

There is the misconception in our minds that eternity is waiting for us sometime in the future. Joseph Campbell writes in the “Power of Myth” eternity has nothing to do with time for it is always in the present tense, and we experience it in the here and now. The stumbling block for us is our temporal minds, and our thinking cannot conceive of a timeless realm that does not exist beyond the present moment! As Christians, our hope is… Read more

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