A Mindful Awareness of the Kingdom of God

A Mindful Awareness of the Kingdom of God August 4, 2017


The Holy Spirit waits for us to release and let go of the distractions that hinder us from centering our hearts on Christ. Even though we fathom the Kingdom of God is always present, we must make the time to be still so we can contemplate and reflect consciously in our minds on that promise. It demands a spiritual discipline within us and a desire to practice the presence of God by mindfully seeking moment by moment that reality. Dallas Willard writes in the Great Omission, God does not ordinarily compete for our attention.

When I am honest with myself, I can admit my mind wanders and gets sidetracked all the time. I also confess I need help transforming the promise of the Kingdom of God being present and alive within me from the thoughts in my head to the feelings in my heart. Today take a moment and become keenly aware that God is the source and provision for your every need. Invite Jesus to step out from behind all your distractions and struggles and come alive as the living Messiah in your life more and more aware of His presence every day. Seek the One who is always seeking you!

Luke 17:21 neither will they say, ‘Look, here.’ or, ‘Look, there.’ for the Kingdom of God is within you.”

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