September 12, 2018

Practicing the presence of God (Brother Lawrence)is simple in theory, but never easy putting into practice. Being mindful of God’s presence requires effort, discipline, and hard work to sort through the mindless thoughts and endless chatter that fill our minds. Most of us can practice being aware of Christ’s presence for a few moments but to let our minds focus on Christ for hours on end in the ongoing activity of life is one thing few followers of Christ ever experience…. Read more

September 8, 2018

Contemplative prayer focuses our minds on Christ and lifts our hearts and souls above our daily way of living life with its worries about self-preservation and survival. It frees us from the bondage of being consumed with what will happen to us and opens our heart to experience peace with God. It carries us above the need of trying to control and understand every detail of our lives. Contemplative prayer focuses our minds on Christ as the resurrected Lord reigning… Read more

September 4, 2018

The danger of religion is we can begin to judge everybody who’s not like us and believe we are the only ones who possess the truth. The deception of spiritual pride is it produces a false spirituality based on a puffed up perception of our ego and the high opinion of ourselves in comparison to other people. Spiritual pride can be subtle, when I grew up, there was a church on nearly every corner, and most of them believed they… Read more

September 1, 2018

The turnaround and transformation of my heart and mind to follow Christ is a moment by moment process of letting go and releasing my self-centered thoughts and exchanging them with God focused thoughts. As I become fully conscious and aware of the resurrected Christ living in me, I mindfully practice the surrender of my life over to the will of God. I am mindful the resurrected Christ is now the center and focus of my life. Christian mindfulness is a… Read more

August 29, 2018

When does the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth it arrives the moment we open our minds and hearts to receive it. Jesus taught the Kingdom is here and now present in our hearts. The Messiah challenged us to step out of our life experience and contemplate the fullness of the kingdom of Heaven on earth right now!  The kingdom of Heaven is not somewhere, and someplace waiting in the future, it is here now. (Being Aware of Gods presence.)… Read more

August 25, 2018

If I could wish you anything, my desire is you experience the divine reality the prophet Isaiah described as the heavenly dominion and throne room of God. I looked and reflected upon a remarkable scene, where I contemplated you, and I am made for God’s enjoyment and to dwell in union with God and with each other forever. (Divine Partakers) My hope is you may open your heart like me when I saw God high and lifted up and encounter the… Read more

August 21, 2018

Silence is the sanctuary for God’s presence residing in the depths and recesses of our heart.  In the solitude and quiet, we seek and discover the love of Christ dwelling with us. In the silence, we become still to hear God speaking life to us. Be still and know I am God. It’s a sacred space that the doubting and questioning thoughts which overrun our minds slow their pace so we can contemplate life, not from a physical but spiritual… Read more

August 17, 2018

The romance of the heart is with our humanity and God. When we fall in love with a person in a romantic relationship, they capture our thoughts, feelings, and undivided attention. We fabricate and fantasize about ways of spending every waking moment enamored in their presence and company. Young couples describe their reason for getting married by the intensity of their all-consuming and growing relationship. “I know I love her because I want to spend all my time with her… Read more

August 14, 2018

  In various ways, Jesus communicated the Kingdom of God is present in the here and now. His first words were “The time has come; the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (Mk. 1:15) There are a new kingdom and a new realm of time and space revealed. There is a radical paradigm change in how we engage and perceive life. It is the Eternal Now of the Kingdom of God. In the eternal… Read more

August 11, 2018

One day I placed a chair in the middle of my study and sat down….whether we recognize it or not we all need a quiet place one on one with God. I felt like a nomad thirsty and dying with no visible water in sight. I didn’t know precisely how I would quench my spiritual thirst, but I knew what I was looking for I was seeking the presence and love of God in the center of my heart. My… Read more

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