Missional Monday [Late Edition]: The Goose Has Flown, Streaming Conference, Remembering Francis DuBose

Missional Monday [Late Edition]: The Goose Has Flown, Streaming Conference, Remembering Francis DuBose June 26, 2012

Here’s a late Monday night recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation:

  • The second annual Wild Goose Festival has come to a close, and I’m back home now, showered (once again), and putting together this late edition. One of the many highlights of this year’s East Coast festival for me was on the first night when I had the honor of introducing Shane Claiborne and friends (including fellow leader of new monasticism Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove), who were there to speak on “The Gospel of Rutba.” I was one of many who received a free copy of the new book by journalist Greg Barrett, in exchange for promising to tell the story — the Good Samaritan story of what happened to Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove, and others during the Iraq War in the small Iraqi village of Rutba. I hope to share many more stories from the festival this year (and hopefully the West Coast festival later this year as well!), but for now I’ll just start with this remarkably powerful story:
  • Rochester College in Michigan hosted the Streaming Conference last week (subtitled “Biblical Conversations from the Missional Frontier”), featuring keynotes from Walter Brueggemann and Richard Beck. Despite having a digital-sounding name, no video from the conference has yet been made available online, but there are plenty of great photos that have been posted (including the one below), and a few soundbites that leaked out via Twitter, including this one from Brueggemann: “The commodity system seeks to maintain equilibrium. The Gospel seeks to bring something new.” And this, from Mike Cope: “We practice hospitality because Jesus is the host.” Bob Cornwall has a great series of posts reflecting on the content of the conference over on his blog.
  • Richard Beck and Walter Brueggemann at Streaming Conference 2012

  • I remembered Dr. Francis DuBose last week here on Missional Shift. It was the 29th anniversary this month of the publication of his ground-breaking book God Who Sends, as well as the fourth anniversary of his passing. I had a great conversation at Wild Goose Festival with a former student of Dr. DuBose, who shared some personal stories about him with me and also offered to loan me her copy of his book!
  • SogoMedia.TV is a new religion and spirituality video network on YouTube that will be launching this Fall with a really exciting slate of contributors (and which officially went public at Wild Goose this year). I’m certainly excited, because I’m one of the partners in this new venture so I hope you’ll check it out, share the 30-second teaser video (below) on your Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to the channel on YouTube, and subscribe to Sogo email updates so we can let you know when it’s officially launching.

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