The $135 Book on Missional Church

The $135 Book on Missional Church June 20, 2012

God Who Sends by Dr. Francis DuboseWould you spend $135 on a missional church book? How about $1,579.60?!

That’s how much a handful of used copies of Dr. Francis DuBose’s book God Who Sends: A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission are going for on Amazon these days.

(Please someone order a copy via my Amazon affiliate link, pretty please? *wink*)

Published 29 years ago this month, DuBose’s book was the first to coin the use of the word “missional” in the 20th century, according to Andrew Jones.

Dr. DuBose was the missions professor at Golden Gate Seminary and one of the leading voices to encourage the focus of ministry toward the inner cities of the U.S. He passed away four years ago today (June 20, 2009), but I’m grateful to Andrew for capturing this sweet (albeit short) interview with DuBose at his retirement village in San Francisco before he died:

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