Bono on the Massive Shift That Is Challenging the Church

Bono on the Massive Shift That Is Challenging the Church November 14, 2012

Bono is like the patron saint of progressive Christians. He spoke Monday at Georgetown University, and Sojourners’ Cathleen Falsani was there to report on the event.

In this short video excerpt, Bono does his best job of channeling Phyllis Tickle in talking about the massive shift that is happening right now:

“What I’m talking about is bigger than Egypt or any place else, it’s a massive shift. It’s one of those moments that in 100 years, historians, the real historians … will write about this phenomenon in the history books. … The institutions that have always governed our lives — church, state, mainstream media, music industry — are being bypassed and weakened and seriously tested. People are holding them to account, us to account, demanding that they be more open, more responsive, more effective — or else.”

Is Bono a prophet? What do you think of these comments? How should our faith communities respond?

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