#GodWhoSends: Jesus’s Missional Purpose

#GodWhoSends: Jesus’s Missional Purpose July 20, 2012

From the very first page of the “Prologue” to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose uses the term “missional”:

God Who Sends by Dr. Francis Dubose“The Christian life is a spiritual pilgrimage. It is not a journey to a shrine which has limitations of space and time. It is a journey into life, a life so rich no limitation of space and time is able to contain it. Jesus came on a pilgrimage to earth to give us life. … This invitation into life, moreover, is an invitation to share the good news of that life with others. We join him in his pilgrimage, a journey into the glories of his kingdom, into the beauties of his family, into the limitless love of his outstretched arms. He calls us into partnership, to explore with him his purpose for life and humanity. This is why he came. This is why he was sent. His sense of mission was inseparable from his self-identity. The stamp of his identity upon us leaves indelibly the imprint of his missional purpose upon our image. This the New Testament makes clear. Jesus said, ‘As the Father has sent me, even so I send you’ (John 20:21).”

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