Making the Missional Shift in Worship? [VIDEO]

Making the Missional Shift in Worship? [VIDEO] July 6, 2012

There are a number of conferences out there called “Shift” (or that have “Shift” in their titles), but did you know there’s an annual retreat called Shift specifically for progressive Christian worship leaders, pastors, musicians, etc., organized by a new group called the Progressive Christian Artist Network (PCAN)? And it’s happening again July 25-28 at the Pilgrim Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Is PCAN and Shift specifically “missional”? No, not necessarily, but they are talking about shifting things within the progressive churches they serve and inhabit, so I’ve got to hope and believe that “missional” will be part of that conversation! Here’s some testimonials from Shift retreat attendees:

What do you think about the idea of making the missional shift in corporate worship? What does that look like?

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