Sentralized Main Sessions and Workshops Announced

Sentralized Main Sessions and Workshops Announced July 6, 2012

SentralizedThe Sentralized conference, coming up September 27-29 in Kansas City, has announced their slate of 14 main sessions and 33 workshops for this year’s event.

Some of the stand-out main sessions include Alan Hirsch on “The Shaping of Things Today,” Scot McKnight on “The King Jesus Gospel,” Michael Frost on “Jesus The Exile,” David Fitch on “Mutual Submission: Leading As A Team,” Jo Saxton on “Making Missional Disciples,” and more.

On the workshop side, David Fitch will be doing one on “Missional Church Planting?” where he’ll talk about rethinking things in terms of “political organizing for the Kingdom,” which sounds very intriguing.

Deb Hirsch, who has an ex-gay testimony, will be doing a workshop on “Sex, Truth, and Grace” that will stake a position somewhere between the “extremes” (according to the workshop description) of “God hates fags” and “Welcoming and affirming.” I can tell you right now that for progressives, “Welcoming and Affirming” would not be considered the opposite “extreme” to “God hates fags.” (Yikes.)

I hope the misunderstanding and possible offense of that particular workshop description doesn’t keep progressives from considering attending Sentralized. It may be catering more to the middle-of-the-road, conservative evangelical crowd, but the content and speakers will still be excellent, challenging, and inspiring toward missional living.

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