Is Our FLOTUS “Missional”?

Is Our FLOTUS “Missional”? July 6, 2012

Tim King writing over at the progressive Sojourners organization blog, wonders “Is Michelle Obama a ‘Missional’ Christian?

'Michelle Obama' photo (c) 2009, Statsministerens kontor - license:“Last week, the First Lady spoke to the quadrennial General Conference of the African American Methodist Episcopal Church. While the speech was a get-out-the-vote plug, it also shed an interesting light on both her personal faith and the theological tradition of the nation’s oldest independent, predominantly African-American congregations.

“In reading the First Lady’s speech, I was intrigued to see a strong emphasis on some concepts I often associate with ‘missional’ churches.”

King goes on to quote different sections of the FLOTUS’s speech and explains why it sounds “missional” to him. Go read the whole thing and see for yourself.

What do you think? Is our FLOTUS “missional”?

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