How Is Fasting for Lent Missional?

How Is Fasting for Lent Missional? February 14, 2013

Thomas Turner is inviting you to sign up for his email newsletter in exchange for a PDF download of his 2013 Everyday Liturgy Lenten Guide. I did it! It’s a resource worth checking out and having on hand.

Also, Chris Smith from the Slow Church blog has a great article over at The Good Men Project’s spirituality channel on “Fasting Toward the Common Good.” Chris writes,

“The end of fasting during Lent is not our own personal good, but rather the common good, the flourishing of our places and ultimately the world. Jesus was able to endure 40 days of fasting (and some brutal temptations to political, religious, and economic power) because he saw himself as part of a larger mission — one of healing and liberation.”

What are you doing for Lent to engage God’s mission more deeply?

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