[VIDEO] How do we make culture without it making us?

[VIDEO] How do we make culture without it making us? October 17, 2014

A great talk on this was posted some time ago on the website of Dallas Theological Seminary, where Darrell Bock of DTS sat down to chat with Andy Crouch of Christianity Today to talk about what culture means. Can you ever leave culture behind? How can you transform it without letting it transform you? How can you make good culture?

Listen to the podcast on their website or below (and, if you are a visual rather than an aural learner, you can read the transcript here.)  At The Table’s main site, you’ll find over fifty talks on subjects related to God, Christianity, culture, work, ethics, and some of today’s hot-button topics including domestic abuse, atheism, Islam, and sex. We’re going to be featuring more of them in this space, too.

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