Live well, do good, be true

By Byron Borger This post originally appeared at the blog Booknotes. It is from the book Serious Dreams, a collection of commencement speeches. LIVE WELL, DO GOOD, BE TRUE: AN INTRODUCTION Here is my long introduction to Serious Dreams.  There was one more set of edits after this version, but this edition is handy for [Read More...]

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Encouraging ALL calls to ministry!


This post was originally written for an audience of Methodists in Indiana but we here at M:W thought its message was well worth sharing with the rest of you…as an encouraging word, and as an excellent model of how a church can lift up the ministry of all believers. By Mike Coyner Sunday, May 24th, [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Not the same old story

The way that we thought about the Biblical story was that God was trying to save a bunch of souls and whisk them out. And my time in seminary, really wrestling with the Biblical text, convinced me that that’s really not the story. God’s plan is the “reconciliation of all things” and this idea of [Read More...]

Exposing college students to vocation: a case study


By Elaine Bernius An exploration of God’s calling on everyone’s life was at the center of a bold new initiative at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) this academic year. In fall 2014, over 750 first-time undergraduates arrived on campus nine days before classes began, significantly extending the former three-day orientation. During that extra week, incoming freshmen [Read More...]

Let your life speak: how to understand your vocational call


How do you discern your vocational path? How do you decide what your contribution to the world will be? What is your vocational calling? These are big questions. How we understand our work and the contribution we make to the world is vital from our earliest days of vocational discernment on through adulthood. It is [Read More...]

Can people who hate their job find meaning in their work?


By Trevor Lee I had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Journal event called Redeeming Work, which focused on the meaning and importance of our work as image bearers of God. Events like this focus on the idea of vocation, which is our call into every part of life, not just the job we get paid for. [Read More...]