….means you may end up contemplating Neville Longbottom and writing this poem. “Of your charity, please pray for me.” Pencil poised to paper, “Why?” she said. Because they built the wall up brick by golden brick; and when I try to speak a word just bricks come out. Because I bear the weight of centuries with everything I say. Because I tried to shift the wall away and darkness echoed down a thousand halls. Because my name is not a… Read more

Why do we find ourselves in a world where what is vain is also what is expected of us? Read more

No crown without cold coffee and the cross. Read more

The game may falter, but does not forget. Read more

Did I mention doing taxes? Read more

You can picture me over the last few weeks being overscheduled. But you can also picture me going around in an attitude of surprised repentance. Read more

Can anything good come out of backwaters? Only the salvation of the world. Read more

How could I know what it means to be endlessly choosing out of a world which presents rivers and mazes? Read more

Bodies matter. They matter at work and they matter at play. Read more

For all my gentle prodding of the faith and work movement, there’s one thing it preaches that I unambiguously affirm: it is this world that Christ will redeem. Read more

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