Joy to the work: the Lord is come


More on yesterday’s hymn. This post originally appeared at the blog of the Center for Faith and Work of LeTourneau University.   By Bill Peel Most Christians in the English-speaking world will sing Isaac Watts’ hymn, “Joy to the World” this Christmas season. Although Watts intended it as a celebration of Christ’s second coming, we’ve adopted it as [Read More...]

He comes to make his blessings flow

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Merry Christmas! Enjoy one of my favorite hymns–one that speaks of how the kingdom of this world will be transformed into the kingdom of our Lord. Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven and nature sing, [Read More...]

From the archives: Work-life balance and working moms


Is achieving work-life balance possible? If so, how? [Read more...]

Chocolate and meaningful work

By Alayna Greenfield, originally published at the KPN Resources blog. Regardless of profession, most people want to know that the hours they spend working will contribute to something that matters. There are countless books, studies, and articles showing that there is a connection between helping others and a sense of meaningful work. As a pastor, [Read More...]

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Doing What You Love, What Scares You, and What Brings You Peace

A Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list: Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready: Advice on how to do things that scare you.  Lots more interesting articles on working with passion, and other resources, at the blog this comes from, [Read More...]

God’s beer mogul

We’re returning to our occasional series of posts on work and vocation (linked at the bottom of this post) in Christian history by Faith and Work Channel senior editor and Christian History magazine senior editor Chris Armstrong. Enjoy! In the early days of Methodism as now, not every capitalist operated out of corrupt motives of [Read More...]