My head is full of poems tonight: They echo in a speaking voice and tell of spring and age and choice and sing of darkness more than light. Read more

I would have gone the simple way if I had known my choice. Read more

These things can’t both be true, can they? Read more

What AM I trying to do to these people? Read more

Sometimes you cross a hilltop looking back and never understand how far you’ve come. Read more

How we Earn, Save, and Give our money is all meant to give life to us and to the world around us. Read more

Small as a mustard seed and just as fair, The seeds of faith are planted in the night, Seeking their tiny space of warmth and light, Asking but room to grow and prosper there.   Small as the seeds of faith, the hope of trust Once-wounded reaches out into the day For answering trust somewhere along the way The fruit of pain and light, of love and loss.   We learn there is no other way but this And that… Read more

By Christ John Otto, from a forthcoming book. A worldview is a way of processing the world around you.  It is the “lens” a person uses to see things, process information, and organize information in order to quickly sort out problems. If you are a Christian artist, and especially if you consider yourself a conservative, Protestant evangelical or non-denominational charismatic, you probably have a pretty strong worldview when it comes to your calling as an artist. After a dozen years providing… Read more

By J. Fletcher Lowe; preached on Labor Day 2017 I have a friend named Bill Diehl.  A few years ago, he retired as an executive with a major steel manufacturing company here in the East.   He also was a devoted Lutheran, having served not only on his parish and regional levels, but also on the national church level.  As he reflected on his life, he realized that he had been honored in many ways for his service for the Lutheran… Read more

Here are my reflections from my first year of retirement and my conversations with many other retirees who have shared their insights. Read more

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