Visiting with Mary and Martha: I need help

By Ann Boyd Books to read. Papers to write. Classes to prepare for. Clients to meet with. And just next week, there will likely be family — functional or dysfunctional — who would appreciate some undivided attention. How will it all get done? Is there anyone who can help with this situation? Let’s see what [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: Does anyone care?

By Ann Boyd Sometimes it feels like all the responsibilities land on your shoulders: you’re the only one capable enough or specially-equipped to do the work. There are times when that is true, and there are times when it’s not, and there are times when those responsibilities…well, they don’t strictly need to be done by [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: What about the work?

By Ann Boyd It’s not even 8:00 in the morning and I’m looking at a list of over a dozen things to get done — editing to take care of, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, and my email inbox is raging out of control. As I sit for a few minutes to pray and [Read More...]

Seven virtues of Christian managers: Lessons from Romans 12-16


By Gregory F. Augustine Pierce There are many Christian virtues that managers can practice. I define a Christian virtue as “a habit based on a long-standing belief that God is love.” Here are seven such virtues, with a quote for each from the Letter to the Romans as translated by Rev. Eugene Peterson in The [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: Thank you, Mary

By Ann Boyd For the past few years, I’ve been ruminating on the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10 — a relevant passage for this period in my life as a wife, mother, writer, editor, teacher, and household manager.  It’s very easy to be a “Martha” these days that are not full of [Read More...]

Twitter news: we have a new handle, and we have a 700th follower

Our Twitter handle for the Patheos Faith and Work Channel has changed: the channel now tweets under @PatheosFthWork. Same great content, better reflection of the fact that “MISSION:WORK” is just one of the great blogs on the channel. And, I promised to feature our 700th follower. It turned out to be Joel Hamernick of Sunshine [Read More...]