Work–curse or calling?


That’s the question that Christians in the Visual Arts asked a bunch of artists, and then stood back to see what they came up with.  You can see the results at their site.  According to CIVA, WORK Curse or Calling? invites artists to picture “work” in its many applications in the Christian experience — work on [Read More...]

Jobs you couldn’t do in the early church. Really.

This comes via our friends at Christian History Institute and their great new issue of Christian History about work, calling, and vocation in the history of the church.  (You have until August 9 to sign up and get a copy, which you can do here.)  One of the articles spotlights all the jobs which early Christians found [Read More...]

Does the coming economy need liberal arts graduates?


We like business folks here at MISSION:WORK (we especially like J. B. Wood, and we think you ought to read his blog.)  But I was still intrigued when I saw this feature on PBS Newshour recently, as part of its Making Sen$e feature.  The report focused on what some economists call the “coming artisan economy”: [Read More...]

Why vacation isn’t just a means to make you work better when you get back


We recently ran a post talking about how Americans don’t take enough vacation.  On the heels of that, Mark Galli of Christianity Today pointed us towards a helpful essay on the Christianity Today website called “Sabbath is Not a Means to More Productive Work.” Author David Zahl begins by noting the huge market in the [Read More...]

How does God guide college students?


Much of this recent blog post by Stephen Rankin, the chaplain at Southern Methodist University, is about what it means to be a church-related school….if that doesn’t mean required chapel, or having a certain number of trustees come from a certain denomination, but something bigger: But this description tells us next to nothing about the [Read More...]

God has been calling all of us all along


From our friends at Christian History Institute comes a wonderful new resource: an issue of Christian History Magazine on vocation and calling from Biblical times to our own day: Did you know that dramatic calls by God in the Bible are actually pretty rare? That the early church refused to baptize actors unless they quit the [Read More...]