The miracles of the everyday


This post is adapted from a sermon preached by TJ Tetzlaff on February 15, 2015 on these Scripture texts. There is a story about a girl on her first day of college, waiting in line with her family to register for classes. And while she’s standing there she has this overwhelming feeling of anxiety and [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Even more great talks to encourage you from the Faith@Work Summit

Some more great talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted. (Here’s the first set and here’s the second set.) Enjoy! Cheryl Broetje on shaping and caring for workers. (Caution: you may need a Kleenex!) Larry Ward on creating jobs: Gloria Nelund on being a Christian in the corporate world: Eric Welch on faith [Read More...]

Want to send your valentine a love poem about work?


We’ve tracked down links to a few.  Poems about work and money from Poems about work from the Poetry Foundation, including one actually called “Love and Work” Ten great poems about work from Tweetspeak Poetry (with some more links to poems about work and even advice on how to write poems about work.) There….all [Read More...]

From a blog about work, you want a love poem about daily life, right?


On the Road Not on the mountaintop, but in the aisles, Not in the death, but in the daily grief Where sometimes faith is born and sometimes doubt, Where stern deception batters at belief, The day after the triumph, and the day Before amazing thunderbolts break through– In passing in the night, beneath the clouds [Read More...]

From the archives: Working 9 to 5?


Recent research published in The Atlantic indicates that folks in creative and professional jobs might benefit from a differently structured workday: “A shorter workday works particularly well for knowledge workers—people in creative or professional jobs—who can work productively for about six hours a day, compared to the eight hours manual laborers can churn out, according to Salon. [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Faith@Work Summit: We have more great talks for you!

Some more great talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted. (Here’s the first set). Enjoy! John Dyer on what technology we’ll take with us to heaven: Bill Peel on workplace evangelism: David Gill on workplace ethics: Randy Kilgore on workplace discipleship: [Read more...]