From the archives: Women, work, and productivity


“How should women reconcile the artificial divide between home and work? You may be surprised to learn this is a relatively modern problem. For most of history, the home was the small business unit of the local economy for both women and men.” [Read more...]

Do you believe #Easter is real? Then prove it


By Mike Coyner I hope you had a happy Easter, and I hope that your pastor did not try to explain Easter or prove Easter, but rather proclaimed Easter. That was the advice of my preaching professor in seminary who said: “Don’t try to explain Easter, it is a mystery. Don’t try to prove Easter, [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Why is it Hard to Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?

Scott Wesley, Program Instructor with The WorkFaith Connection, speaks about how our work can actually be an act of worship: This is part of our ongoing feature in this space of clips from a wonderful YouTube channel run by The High Calling called  “60 Seconds to Significance“.  It features  approximately one-minute talks about work and calling, including [Read More...]

The most important step to finding your calling


By Dan Cumberland She was burnt out. I could see the pain in her eyes as we spoke. Her situation was tough: her supervisor was not supportive. She could barely get out the door in the mornings. She was having breakdowns on Sunday nights in anticipation of the week ahead. It was heart breaking to [Read More...]

This joyful #Eastertide


Words by George R. Woodward This joyful Eastertide, away with care and sorrow! My Love, the Crucified, hath sprung to life this morrow. Had Christ, that once was slain, ne’er burst his three-day prison, our faith had been in vain; but now is Christ arisen, arisen, arisen, arisen. Death’s flood hath lost its chill, since [Read More...]

#HolySaturday: Silence while God redeems all


One of the greatest sermons ever written on what this day means, written in Greek in the fourth century by an unknown author. Found numerous places on the Internet: the first one I bumped into was here.   Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The [Read More...]