God is in all of life: #1 of a series


Today we’re starting a series of posts on Luther, Lutherans, and calling by Lutheran pastor Adam Roe with responses over at Cranach by Gene Veith. (Read the response to this post here.) They’ll appear from time to time in this space for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy! “I am a pastor, but we are [Read More...]

Getting past “order” vs. “sin”: How to reinvent management


By Randal Franz This article is adapted by the author from “An Exercise in Theological Imagination,” which appeared in the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business. Even before the recent Great Recession prompted many to rethink our current economic models, some leading management scholars and business titans were calling for the reinvention of management. I [Read More...]

[VIDEO] A final encouraging word from the Faith@Work Summit

Some more great talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted. (Here’s the first set , here’s the second set, here’s the third set, and here’s the fourth set.) Enjoy! David Miller on the past, present, and future of the faith at work movement: And Bill Pollard reminding us Who comes first (it’s OK [Read More...]

From the archives: 5 tools for applying faith, work, & economics to your life

Thinking biblically about work requires much more than memorizing a lot of Scripture. It requires learning to think critically and practically about what the Bible has to say. [Read more...]

The work of our hands


So last week we recommended the latest issue of Comment on how the faith and work conversation often avoids talking about God’s plan for those of us in work that is blue-collar, no-collar, or just plain icky.  They got in touch and were nice enough to let us reprint some excerpts from the magazine here [Read More...]

Theology for workers in the pews


A version of this article appeared in In Trust in 2013. This version is reprinted from Grateful to the Dead. Let’s take as given that work matters—it matters to God, and it is most people’s primary arena of discipleship. And let’s agree that the primary role of seminaries and theological schools is to form pastors [Read More...]