WEEKLY ROUNDUP: News to challenge and encourage about faith and work

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: News to challenge and encourage about faith and work November 17, 2014

So many great articles are crossing my desk that your humble scribe doesn’t have time to write a whole post about each and every one of them. But you ought to know about them…so I’m starting a Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list:

    1. Domestic Neglect: Can You Hear the Silent Screams at Home?paper boy  Christianity Today says that our culture of overwork is creating a crisis.
    2. Vocation: The Crux of the Matter by Leonard Schulze. What does it mean to have a vocation?  And what did Luther have to say about it?  Why did he attach holiness to things like “doing your homework, keeping a job, mending clothes, and yes, making beer”?
    3. God: Being and Doing by Bruce Fields. What relationship does God’s being have to God’s doing? To our doing?
    4. The Sunday to Monday Gap by R. J. Grunewald.  How we serve God by making quality blue jeans.
    5. Generation Flux’s Secret Weapon by Robert Safian.  The more companies like Apple and Chipotle focus on something beyond money, the more money they make.
    6. Viewpoint: How the Consumer Dream Went Wrong by Jon Alexander.  Can we shape consumer society? Can we “reclaim a different morality, a bigger sense of what it means to be human….become participants in shaping the context of our lives, working together and expecting more of one another as we do so”?
    7. Heart to Heart by Nathan Foster. Ways to slow down deliberately and live with purpose. (There’s a great podcast interview, too!)
    8. Finding your purpose graphic. Neil Carlson sent us this from LinkedIn.
    9. Voice and Vocation. A podcast of a FREE lecture on vocation with poet Malcom Guite at Duke University.
    10. Finding a Student’s Calling by Jake New. Your humble scribe’s alma mater has moved a campus pastor out of the chapel and into the career counseling department to discuss vocation with students.

Image: Image: “Extra, Extra (The Paper Boy),” John George Brown. Courtesy of the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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