WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Giving Tuesday, macaroni entrepreneurship, and taking a vacation

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Giving Tuesday, macaroni entrepreneurship, and taking a vacation December 15, 2014

paper boyA Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list:

  1. One Thing America is Still Best at, and Getting Better: How much we gave on Giving Tuesday, to whom, and why.
  2. Faith@Work Summit: Tom Nelson reports in on his time in Boston in October. (We were there too!) Check out his whole site for many other resources.
  3. Get to Know Ozzie Meza: “What do macaroni and cheese, floral design, and corporate librarianship have in common?… Ozzie Meza has found a common thread throughout his career as a librarian and entrepreneur in his strong creative energy, a knack for building relationships, and the courage to take on new challenges.”
  4. “You Work From Home? Nice”: How to avoid the “pajama trap.”
  5. Enjoy All the Moments: How to Find Gratitude in Any Task: Balance and love are key.
  6. Show Your Employees Some Love: Why it Pays to Praise: “Could the key to higher productivity be…inspiring your workers to be more productive?”
  7. Which Countries Have the Most Vacation Days?: You may be surprised.
  8. L. A. Program Proves That Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job: “How a Catholic priest in Los Angeles launched the largest gang-intervention program in the country.”  Read Vincent Bacote’s reflections on this in relationship to Ferguson, MO here.
  9. I, Chocolate: What Cocoa Farmers Can Teach Us About Trade: Reflections by Joseph Sunde on the pair of videos going around where cocoa farmers have their first taste of chocolate.
  10. People Worth Knowing: “For just a moment, let’s stop and collectively consider the amazing wonder of such mundane and quiet things as integrity, hard work, faithfulness, honor, commitment, contentment, service, and sacrifice,” writes Crystal Kirgiss.


Image: “Extra, Extra (The Paper Boy),” John George Brown. Courtesy of the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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