The ideal church member

The ideal church member August 6, 2015

grease-1200MEET SCOTTY

Scotty is every pastor’s dream of an ideal church member. A mechanic, Scotty owns his own business. He and his family are active in Bethel Church of San Jose, serving on committees and production teams, teaching, and helping special-needs children. He is cheerful, hardworking, and has a great reputation in the community.

By most measures of Christian discipleship, Scotty is exactly what churches need.


What’s missing from this discipleship account is the fact that Scotty’s full-time “ministry” and greatest Kingdom service takes place during the 60-plus hours a week he and his wife devote to their business. Scotty’s Automotive is not merely a secular means to a sacred end. The business is the mission, contributing directly to the flourishing of the community and economy in ways the church rarely measures.

  • Scotty helps feed, clothe, and house 40-plus people because he employs six other mechanics. Each of these families participates in the community and economy.
  • Hundreds of people bring their cars to his shop each month. They come in crisis, needing help in order to tend to their daily affairs. His repairs enable folks to offer productive hours of work, take vacations safely, get to church and sporting events, and carry out charitable and cultural activities.
  • Scotty pays his taxes, thus contributing to the social good.

One family business represents much more than a job that allows a couple to tithe and pay bills. Scotty and his team are connected with millions of dollars in the local economy, and their efforts contribute to a flourishing community.


Scotty’s story touches on every aspect of the Great Commission! Godly character, healthy relationships, and vocational clarity are vital for every believer, every local church, and the larger body of Christ to fulfill their purpose. A frequently missing piece of our discipleship is the integration of faith, work, and economics so that Christians are not only ethical and excellent at work, but see their work as part of God’s larger design for their community, state, and nation to flourish!

Discover how, through your work, you can love your neighbor from this real-life story of a business man who is using his expertise and resources to impact others for Christ. This video is featured in RightNow Media‘s curriculum “Closing the Sunday to Monday Gap.”


This post originally appeared at Made to Flourish.

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