Are you working for the Pharaoh?

Are you working for the Pharaoh? July 27, 2016


I love the Faith and Work Collective over at Asbury Seminary’s Seedbed. Yes, I’m an Asbury alum, so I’m biased, but I feel like I consistently find quality faith/work/vocation stuff there from a Wesleyan perspective. Here’s two recent posts you might like (one opinion, one statistics):

Working for Pharaoh: (and by the way, I have a story to tell about this one, too. Plus, I’ll be surprised if you can get through the post without singing the Richard Thompson song.)

I wonder if Pharaoh’s philosophy regarding people can subtly be seen in leadership today.  He doesn’t respect the slaves as people; rather, he sees them as an object to fulfill an end goal. It goes without saying that he doesn’t compensate them fairly.

Just last week, a great teacher I know left a Christian school to go work elsewhere.  A former colleague from that school told me they are not treated well, not compensated adequately and overworked—all in the name of ministry and good works.  Pastors and church workers frequently leave their jobs at churches for many of the same reasons.

Generally, people in the marketplace do not leave their employer for only reasons of compensation.  That may be the answer they give as to why they left, but organizational culture and how they are treated and respected greatly affect their decision as well. [Read more]

Giving USA 2016: What Church Leaders Need to Know:

Last week, the Giving USA foundation released Giving USA 2016: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2015. Giving USA’s research undergirds much of the Lake Institute’s training and informs our research. This year, Lake Institute not only provided the context for trends in religious giving this year but also established partnerships with denominational statisticians to make the Giving USA findings even more robust in the years to come. In this edition of Insights, we unpack major trends in religious giving and explore what these trends mean for fundraisers, donors, and religious leaders in faith-based contexts. [Read more]


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