Human Beings are Not Investments

Human Beings are Not Investments April 18, 2017

9780802875167This is the message of a recent blog post by Amy Laura Hall of Duke Divinity School, and of her book Conceiving Parenthood. (The book has been around for a while, but the blog post is commemorating its release into paperback).

wish this book were not so obviously relevant. I wish that people in the US were not listening in on yet another conversation about spending money on public schools and children’s lunches, on Head Start (a federal pre-school program) and parental leave, on who deserves help making ends meet and who deserves to struggle and feel shame. We are again on an uncanny Escher loop made of social Darwinism, fear, and austerity. When told over and over again that there is not enough bread and sunshine to go around, people can find themselves voting against their own neighbors. Heck, people are finding themselves nodding in agreement about defunding programs that they know their own grandchildren adore. [Read more]

Preach it, Amy Laura. I highly recommend the book.


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