Seeking Full Salvation: A Poem for Another Vocation

Seeking Full Salvation: A Poem for Another Vocation October 23, 2017


To some a simple gift is given,

A child’s perfect trust

That holds faith in an easy grasp,

Believes because it must,

Speaks gently with the Lord of all,

Walks daily in the light,

Lives knowing of the coming Day

Secure within its sight.


Others walk long before they love,

Dream deep before they see,

Wrestle by rivers in the night

And seek the healing tree;

Map out the shadows of the heart

The darkness of the soul

Until they feel at last the balm

That makes the wounded whole.


I would have gone the simple way

If I had known my choice:

But you put forth another call

And I obeyed that voice

To go through death and live again

Holding because I must

Only the promise of the light

At last with perfect trust.


Image: Pexels.

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