Friday Links — July 25, 2007

Friday Links — July 25, 2007 July 25, 2008
  • Muslim women in Italy who face abuse find help through an abuse hotline.
  • Mona El Tahawy writes about the recent verdicts in France that concern Muslim women’s veils and hymens.
  • Iraq has trained several women to fight female bombers. The only problem is that they’re all Sunni; what about Shi’a women?
  • Pakistani senator Nilofar Bakhtiar plans to remain in the country, despite death threats made against her.
  • Get your surprised face on! Voice of America reports that French Muslim women are often wrongly stereotyped.
  • An American girl studying the Qur’an in Pakistan has an uncertain future because her visa has expired.
  • A Saudi man “won” a 10-year-old girl in a stupid bet with her father. WTF?!
  • More disgusting maid abuse in Saudi Arabia. May Allah protect these women.
  • Palestinian Maryse Gargour’s film won several awards this year; she speaks with Menassat.
  • Feminists in Iran plan a sit-in demonstration to protest against a proposed bill that would no longer require a man to ask his wife’s permission to marry more wives.
  • A woman is murdered; her killer fails at committing suicide after killing her. May Allah give her peace and justice.
  • Islamfemina writes about female imams in China and Chinese Muslim women’s roles in the community. Via Islamify.
  • Abu Sufyan writes about “free mixing” of genders for IslamOnline.
  • Maryam Rajavi says that the international community must support Iran’s resistance movement.
  • Women can now qualify as civil servants in Morocco. Finally! Barikallah!
  • Dubai’s princess Sheikha Maitha is working on her karate; she will compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • Al
    reports on the increase in sexual assaults in Mauritania, but convictions for rapists don’t.
  • A female suicide bomber kills eight in Iraq. May Allah give the victims peace.
  • Sketchy job notices in Saudi Arabia seek to trick women into “questionable” jobs.
  • Iran’s Supreme Cultural Revolution Council has designated July 12 as “National Virtue Day for the Veil.”
  • Two women claim that they were denied employment at a Detroit-area McDonald’s because of their headscarves.
  • Nesrine Malik discusses domestic violence and “honor”-related violence, and the systems of oppression that keep women from leaving.
  • AKI features a video of the One Million Signatures campaign calling for women’s equality.

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