Friday Links — August 15, 2006

Friday Links — August 15, 2006 August 15, 2008
  • Al-Ahram speaks with Nadeen Shams about her new film Have We Met Before?
  • Part Two of the “Muslim Marriage” post on Hijabman.
  • The Urban Muslim Women profile Fatima Al-Fihri, the founder of “the oldest university in the world.”
  • Four women die in a bombing in Iraq’s Diyala province. In a town Iskanderiya, two female suicide bombers killed 19 and wounded 75. May Allah grant these victims peace.In response to female suicide bombers, Iraqi police are pre-emptively detaining women who they suspect might be at risk for carrying out suicide attacks.
  • The BBC examines Ghada Abdelaal’s book and the Egyptian “marriage crisis.”
  • Women’s eNews details the difficulty that female Iraqi refugees have in Syria.
  • A mother in Saudi Arabia is trying to stop her eight-year-old daughter’s marriage, which her husband arranged.
  • A few weeks ago we reported the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in Dubai. Al Arabiya reports that details about the murder (including the implication of a high-profile person), which were published in an Egyptian newspaper, resulted in the seizure and complete disappearance of this paper. More about arrests and accusations at the Los Angeles Times and the BBC.
  • The Guardian looks at Iraqi weddings held across the border for safety.
  • Samia Rahman’s take on Britain’s new Muslim marriage contracts.
  • An art project in California celebrates women’s struggles in Iran.
  • The Western Muslim looks at an unconventional love story.
Lebanese First Lady Wafaa Sleiman (left) and Syrian First Lady Assma al-Assad in Damascus. Via BBC.
  • A Times Online review of Jennifer Heath’s book The Veil.
  • An outsider’s viewpoint on how Iranian women look and how they are.
  • Zainab Al-Arabi posts on Muslim women and internet.
  • IslamOnline profiles Shaista Gohir, the director Muslim Voice and Muslim Women’s Network in the U.K. She’s recently been named with the Order of the Empire; barikallah!
  • The BBC talks to Yemeni women and girls on Yemen’s newest morality police.
  • Zubia Malik shares her experience of taking off the headscarf.
  • Raquel Evita Saraswati profiles Yazmin, who finds no contradiction between the words “progressive Muslim.”
  • Aaminah Hernández is hosting a Ramadan-themed blogging carnival for Muslim women is accepting submissions until Sunday, August 17! So speak up, ladies!
  • Arab News looks at women’s positive experiences with polygamy.
  • Mona El Tahawy examines the lack of women on certain Gulf countries’ Olympic teams.
  • An Uzbeki documentary looks at women and terrorism.
  • The BBC profiles Ruqayya Jafry, a woman who survived “two geographical partitions in her lifetime.”
  • Time reflect on Oum Kulthoum’s legacies.
  • Malaysia’s state censors banned two books, which led to outcries by Muslim women activists. More here.
  • Raquel Evita Saraswati calls for action in an honor killing incident in Baluchestan: five women are buried alive. May Allah grant the justice.

And, after all those links, here’s a little comic relief that I saw on Izzy Mo’s Blog. It’s a video of a man protesting the oppression of men in Islam:

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