Friday Links — October 17, 2008

Friday Links — October 17, 2008 October 17, 2008
  • IslamOnline discusses how poverty in Egypt leads to temporary marriages between local women and Gulf men.
  • Algiers won the Islamic Women’s Soccer Competition held last week in Tehran.
  • Fauzia Tehseen, a female Muslim Member of Legislative Council of Maharashtra, has donated five acres of land to set up a university.
  • A blast in the Upper Dir district of Pakistan killed 12 people, four of them school girls. May Allah give the victims peace.
  • Hanan al-Wadee breaks down polygamy for The Yemen Times, part 1.

  • The Globe and Mail profiles Wafa Dabbagh, a proud member of the Canadian Forces.
  • Abeer Mishkas tells Laila’s story in response to the idea that the male guardianship system is immune from criticism.
  • Menassat highlights Nashwa al Ruwaini, who heads her own company, runs a talk show that discusses tough topics, and is directing the Middle East International Film Festival

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