Friday Links — November 21, 2008

Friday Links — November 21, 2008 November 21, 2008

Salam waleykum, readers! The Friday Links are back, but not with much of a vengeance. It’s sort of a mish-mash of all the links I saved up from before I left on my trip, so there may be some old news here, as well as a half-assed attempt at more recent news (I got really lazy after missing a week of links…it was so much easier to just not do them!). So if you have news that you don’t see up here, post it in the links. This rule goes for all Friday Links–just a reminder.

  • Sand get in my eyes reminisces on the fire that claimed the lives of 14 Saudi girls because the morality police would not allow them to leave the burning building without their abayas.
  • Achelois explains why it’s dangerous to claim that Muslim women aren’t oppressed.
  • ProgressiveIslam discusses the recent protesting of Mary Rogan’s article on Aqsa Parvez, which Sobia covered earlier this week.
  • Jezebel talks about the prosecution of Sudan’s president for many things, including rape as a tool of war.
  • Shahrazad highlights Saideh Ghods, an Iranian woman who appeared on The Wall Street Journal’s list of “50 Women to Watch.”
  • Someone else agrees that the fatwa to allow beating one’s husband in self-defense isn’t good enough.

Here’s an interview/debate I did with the host of Deadline 22.30 on Danish TV:

  • Al Jazeera covers Amal Soleiman, the first female marriage registrar in Egypt.
  • France struck down its highly publicized (and criticized) ruling on virginity. More from the BBC.
  • The Muslim women fired for wearing long skirts in Canada have reached a settlement with their employer.
  • Friends remember their joyride in Riyadh 18 years ago and lament that the driving ban still remains for women.

Women in Ethiopia perform salawat for the Prophet.

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