Friday Links — November 28, 2008

Friday Links — November 28, 2008 November 28, 2008
  • And speaking of Malaysia, the Sisters in Islam of Malaysia is pushing back against a fatwa by Malaysian clerics against tomboys. More from Malaysia Today.
  • Azal Faiz Ahmed of Oakland, California, is missing. May Allah keep her safe.
  • A rape case in Detroit falls apart after a 16-year-old girls’ testimony.
  • PC Magazine rates the best Islamic websites for women. Unfortunately, we’re not on it. Anyway, I think they meant best Arabic websites for women. Funny that, eh? Apparently the magazine thinks those two adjectives are synonymous.
  • Hijab Style gives information on how to help a sister do some demographic research so that she can open her own business.
  • The Hijablog posts pictures from Kuala Lumpur’s annual Islamic Fashion Festival.
  • A man who abused his wife and daughter has been arrested.
  • An Israeli human rights group released a tape of an Israeli soldier head-butting a Palestinian woman.
  • From The Guardian’s Comment is free, two viewpoints on polygyny.
  • Al Jazeera reports that several women died in suicide blasts in Baghdad. May Allah give them peace.
  • A woman and her mother spent the night in jail after attempting to report her being sexually harassed by a police captain. Via Global Online Voices.
  • Maybe Malaysia would like this yoga instead.
  • Middle East Online reports that a U.N. expert believes that “Iraqi women subjected to violence.” Uh, where has this expert been all this time?
  • Menassat interviews Sihem Bensedrine, the editor-in-chief of Tunisian website Kalima.
  • A case currently under review in the U.S. may clarify legal standing for women seeking sanctuary from female genital cutting.
  • altmuslim’s Rafia Zakaria writes a great piece about the misogyny inherent in sexualized Western pop culture and its connections to violence against women in Pakistan.
  • The Khadija bint Khuwailid Center held a workshop for women, entitled “Employees’ Rights and Responsibilities,” to inform them of their rights.
  • MidEast Youth interviews one of the men behind a new campaign for domestic worker’s rights in the Middle East.
  • Afghan women make “mini-burqas” for wine bottles as part of the Women of Hope Project.
  • Eboo Patel envisions an American Muslim woman going through a political process similar to the one Obama went through.

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