Friday Links — January 16, 2009

Friday Links — January 16, 2009 January 16, 2009
  • An Indonesian domestic worker’s horrific abuse in Saudi Arabia has drawn protestors outside the Saudi embassy in Jakarta.
  • A Turkish poster calling for more women in government positions has been ruled by the Turkish Supreme Court as legal.
  • Afiya Shehrbano writes an interesting article about the branding and re-branding of Islam.
  • A healthy baby is delivered in spite of the death of her mother two days earlier. May Allah protect this little girl and give her mother peace.
  • Eleven-year-old Abeer wins freedom from her marriage to a 75-year-old man.
  • An Indonesian maid has suffered blindness in yet another domestic abuse case in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Angry Arab News Service discusses the “colonial feminism” in the NYT article about Afghan schoolgirls (see above).
  • The search is on for the most influential Muslim women in Britain.

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