Friday Links — October 2, 2009

Friday Links — October 2, 2009 October 1, 2009
  • Three brothers in Jordan have been charged with murder after killing their older sister. May Allah give her peace and justice.
  • Islam in Europe reports that politicans are supporting a proposal that cuts of welfare benefits for women who will not remove burqas.
  • Britain’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed that a box of leaflets dropped from a British plane killed a girl in Afghanistan. May Allah give her peace. Via KABOBfest.
  • Reuters gives a summary of who said what about the French Burqa ban.
  • More on the woman who was expelled from a Spanish court room for wearing a burqa.
  • Three women in Lahore, Pakistan were subjected to torture by men who assumed they were running a brothel. May Allah give them peace and justice.
  • Female refugees from Darfur face systematic rape from all sides in camps where they are supposed to be safe.

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