Ethics or Shame Policing?

Ethics or Shame Policing? March 23, 2011

Here’s yet another video campaign on why women should wear hijab:

This movie shows a woman stumbling through a dark and scary forest, running away from snakes and wolves and unknown–yet terrifying–dangers.

But all of that goes away when–surprise!–she puts on a headscarf.

The differences in the movie between life without a headscarf and life with one are startling. The movie shows a woman without a headscarf in a bright red dress (a color which often signifies visibility and sexuality), who is in danger (presumably because she isn’t wearing a headscarf).

But as soon as she puts on a white headscarf (a color which almost internationally signifies purity), the world is bright, safe, and no snakes or wolves (in the form of men) chase after her.

This movie is put on by, an institution dedicated to a “code of ethics.” I’m willing to bet that their code of ethics requires Muslim women to wear hijab to avoid harassment, but doesn’t have any snappy movies about men harassing women and why that’s not acceptable…

Thanks to Dianna for the tip!

Editor’s note: This post is not about whether hijab is mandatory or not. This post is not about whether hijab will save you from harassment or not (it doesn’t). Please keep comments related to the movie discussed.

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