Friday Links | December 9, 2011

Friday Links | December 9, 2011 December 9, 2011

Gulnaz, an Afghan woman who was imprisoned for adultery after having been raped, is freed with no conditions. In theory, she does not have to marry her rapist (originally a condition of release). May Allah give her strength.

Nigerian newspaper ‘Leadership’ features an interview with Muslim politician Binta Bello, on the Nigerian North-South divide and the struggles (Northern) women face.

Women in Pakistan’s Swat Valley face a dual burden, providing income and keeping the household running.

In Sweden, Donna Eljammal is the first police officer in hijab.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a rebel group from the Philippines, will for the first time send a female delegate to the peace talks in Malaysia, a spokesperson said. Not to worry, the lucky lady will travel with a male family member.

The Daily Mail features a story on the investigation of the death of a young Muslim model in 2008 and the ‘blunders’ that have been made, according to the family. A beautiful face, a complicated love life and “exotic traditions”: it’s all there.

A diverse array of Canadian Muslim leaders speak out against violence towards women, on the anniversary of the December 6 killings at Montreal’s École Polytechnique.

Afghan women were only marginally represented during the Bonn II conference this week, and they are worried about the involvement of the Taliban during these talks.

Eight Kazakh university students sue school officials for not allowing them to attend classes, because of their hijab.

The very topic of women has inspired quite some male “Islamic leaders” to make some interesting statements. Ladies, take heed! Women are to stay away from cucumbers and bananas, because of the sexual resemblance. Women should not be allowed to drive, otherwise there would be no virgins left. And all would become homosexual porn-addicts as well. And, as we all probably already know, we should not wear high heels, as they are a seduction to men.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik made the news this week with her presumably nude cover of India’s FHM. Veena claims that she was topless, but wearing clothes.

A group of Muslim women in the UK, who violently attacked another woman, got their sentences suspended, because the judge argued that they couldn’t handle being drunk, since alcohol is forbidden in Islam.  Another article challenges this framing, suggesting that the alcohol issue was not a major factor in the judge’s decision.

In 2010 there were nearly 3,000 honour attacks registered in the UK, mainly aimed at Muslim women.

In Malaysia, a coffee shop owner was fined RM250, because one of her female Muslim employees was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt to work.

In New York, food pantries run by local Muslim women will have to close as funding vanishes and the demand is rising.

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